School symbols

A silver badge, with an inscription "With Faith and  Work" was one of the first symbols of the school, it consists of letter "T" (Trzepowo) and ears of cereal crops.


    The first flag of the school dates from 1928. There was Polish flag in the left upper corner on the sapphire background, on it there was a red field with white Piast Eagle. embroidered Gold motto "With Faith and Work"  filled the right upper corner. There were ears of cereal crops beneath. There was a golden inscription "Trzepowo" in the left bottom corner. On the other side of the flag there was an inscription: "District Agricultural Female School 1928". This flag went missing during the World War II.


    The oathis an important component of the school tradition, it dates back to 1929.

"We promise and we vow that we will always and everywhere be defending
the honour of our school in Trzepowo and through reliable work and learning we will serve the state, society and our cherished Homeland.
We promise and we vow! "

   The school has also its own anthem and students' hymn.

  At the beginnings of school existance a characteristic dress which was donned on the occasion of holidays and important celebrations was another school symbol. "The Trzepowianka's Dress" consisted of the wool woven skirt with longitudinal strips of different width and colours: sapphire, claret, yellow, red, pink, apple green and purple, a white blouse with  embroidered colourful motive of flowers on the collar or under the neck and on sleeves, a tie and a shawl made from the same fabric as the skirt. Girls wore sapphire headcloths, tied at the back, with embroidered golden spikes.



Another flag dates from 1984. It has a shape of the square. One of its sides has colours of the Polish flag and the national emblem - white eagle.


A green background constitutes the other side of the flag with embroidered inscription: "Leokadia Bergerowa Agricultural Schools in Trzepowo" and with ears of cereal crops (rye, wheat and oat). The flag is decorated with fringe.


The current flag was funded in 2003 on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the school. It has a shape of a square. One of its sides has colours of Polish flag, with a white crowned eagle in the middle. Green background constitutes the other side of the flag with inscriptions: "Leokadia Bergerowa Technical Schools in Płock", "with Faith and Work", "1923 - 2003" and logo of the school  tree scheme with visible roots). The flag is attached onto a flagpole decorated with a figurine of an eagle.




















































(Based on book by Aniela Bagińska – „80 lat Zespołu Szkół im. Leokadii Bergerowej w Płocku”) 

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